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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Proof- How To Win At Slot Games

Slots of Vegas |Generic| $25 Free Chip |Slot Machines Honey Bee (2)I’ve been telling everyone how to win at slots for years. Now, some one else has given me the proof you need. This information is verbatim from “Slots of Vegas”.

“At Slots of Vegas, you can decide what you’re in the mood for, regardless of the season. Want some holiday cheer long after Christmas? No problem. Just like Daniel, who had Christmas on his mind on Friday morning (it could have something to do with the snow piling up outside), so he went over to one of our most popular holiday slots, Naughty or Nice.

He started betting at 50 cents a spin to test out his luck. Only 19 spins later, he triggered the feature. He has experience with slots, so after a few small wins, he upped his bet from 50 cents to a dollar a spin.

10 seconds after he increased his bet, he triggered another feature. The first few free spins gave him nothing. Then, suddenly, he hit $7,027.74. Off of a $1 bet.

After the feature ended, he continued playing. Since his strategy of upping his bet worked out earlier, he did it again. This time, to $50 a spin. In the following minute, he won another $1,015.

Having a strategy pays off. Daniel’s got him $8,133.14 in just six minutes. They won’t tell you these secrets in Las Vegas.

Let what happens in Vegas stay there, odds are it’s better here.”





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