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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Go Bold To Win More

Just recently, a  Californian won $19,781 during a 20 minute time span. How did she do it! By playing bold plus guts and determination.

Here’s how!

“Goldbeard, Henhouse and careful play proved a winning formula for this jackpot winner.

Benita from California bagged herself a handsome $19,781 last Saturday, alternating between $1 and $12.50 spins over the course of a twenty-minute slots session.

Warming up small at just $1 per spin on Goldbeard, she quickly got on track scooping up $21, then $86 from a free-game feature.

Despite Goldbeard being a high-volatility game, the first half of her session was surprisingly uneventful; sometimes a $2 win, sometimes $8, sometimes $40 and sometimes $0.

And then, thirteen minutes after starting, out of nowhere on a $5 spin, she hit the $14,000.00 jackpot. Not bad!

Many players at this point would have called it a night. Not Benita. Invigorated, she switched games to Henhouse and upped her bets to $12.50 per spin. Foolish move?

Over the next seven minutes, she bagged $52, $50, $125, $75, $450, $195, $2,550, $2,220 and $375. Incredible. ‘Fortune favors the bold’, they say. In the world of slots, this is certainly the case, as attested to by this fantastic example by Benita from California. ”

So that’s how the winners become winners.

Here is where the winner played!

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