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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Free Insider VIP Game Tips

Coolcat | Top Rated Online Casino US | 200% Bonus | $25 Free Chip | Table games The best way to win more is to play the games that are more likely to win based upon their actual game performance. Generally, games do payout as designed with the expected percentage payouts their designers programmed into the code.

So where do you look and  what do you play.

The easiest, smartest and most reliable information still comes from the casino sites themselves. So pay close attention to those winners lists and other communications that overtly and clearly reveal the winningest games around.

For instance, we just recently received via email these ‘delciously’ valuable stats and info on the popular ayed by most US players!

  • Game With Most Action: Achilles

  • Loosest Slot Game : Crazy Vegas

  • Tightest Slot Game: Fucanglong

  • Biggest Jacpot Mobile and PC Jackpot Games: Rudolph’s Revenge over $50k

  • Biggest Jacpot on PC Games Download: Outta This World almost $46k

  • Best Value Game: Jazz Time for over $50k for $5 bucks a spin

So take a page out of the winning players book and play the games that will give you the most money now!





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