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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Free Spins Giveaway

This could be our best promotion ever! Your spins at the reels could win you a year of gambling on the house at Platinum Reels.

There will be 9 winners and 3 chances for you to win! So make your way to one of the 3 top spots on our weekly leaderboard this October.

PositionPlayerPointsFree Spins
1desert22244788750 Free Spins valued at $50 a set
Total value $18,250
2BeBe1038225 Free Spins valued at $25 a set
Total value $9,125
3jfree22831220 Free Spins valued at $20 a set
Total value $7, 300
4boy77722225686500% MATCH BONUS
5lucydia5448400% MATCH BONUS
6Fluff5053300% MATCH BONUS
7yidv84993200% MATCH BONUS
8toddberzett4913200% MATCH BONUS
9RoyBoy4726200% MATCH BONUS
10juliemc3742150% MATCH BONUS
11gingie_113732150% MATCH BONUS
12smokaybl3562150% MATCH BONUS
13JEFFE9653462150% MATCH BONUS
14piggypig3324150% MATCH BONUS
15NewPlayer133088100% MATCH BONUS
16rbiggsm2907100% MATCH BONUS
17scooter2788100% MATCH BONUS
18jayjay2388100% MATCH BONUS
19AndrewL4182140100% MATCH BONUS
20Romy1877100% MATCH BONUS

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